Monday, March 12, 2012

sketchbook pages of bakeries and bread

I want to be real and open with everyone, so from now on I'm going to post up more of my process work and write a bit more about my thoughts. Lately I've been really busy with my portfolio and film, so mucho apologies for the lack of updates! after my film is completed, I'm ready to push my design approach toward a fresh new direction. I've found out that one of the hardest parts of dedicating yourself to making a film is making sure you don't feel constrained to or bored of the style that you've chosen. I feel like I've been designing the same way for months and months, and now that the deadline is coming up I'm struggling to explore different solutions and ideas within the design, if that makes any sense...
peace out!


Tammy said...

i love your work!
don't stress out too much about your style because it's not boring at all.
it's genuine and honest and that's really important too!

margerine said...

jasmin you are so insightful
i feel wise after reading your blog post

and i feel so hungry after looking at your drawings XDD

jasmin lai said...

aww thank you Tammy! That really means a lot to me, xie xie <3

Margerinego, you already left the cubes but I'm hungry now too hahah

margerine said...

i can't believe riyoko ordered pizza