Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I look at a lot of photography (GO HERE!). So I came across pictures of these cargo ships(<-click there!) and I was reminded of a team of hardworking toy boats carrying a ton of weighty lego blocks. and yeah, I know I draw a lot of ships and buildings... I just find them really fun to design!

By the end of this month, I will be opening a tumblr with my roommate Michelle Park where you'll find a bunch of my little environment things in there... plus more! STAY TUNED PLEASE


Emily said...

Are you going to CTN this weekend? I'm not, but if you're going, I def. want to hear how people reacted to your stuff! Keep up the great work, Jaz :)


jasmin lai said...

thanks Emily! No I'm not going, I would love to but it's a bit too expensive... I'll try to get feedback from teachers and guest speakers and such instead. but thanks for your kind comments! they're always so encouraging =)

Darrell said...