Thursday, July 29, 2010

she is a free spirit

soo here are some poses for my next film! lots of poses I want to push here and there, but these are a first pass. I really miss those amazing jedi scanners at CalArts... at home I've been reduced to taking pictures... and the col-erase gave off a reddish tint in the pictures so I ended up just making the entire background pink.

edit: after reading Walt Stanchfield's "Gesture Drawing for Animation", I realized I should've treated the entire shape as if she wasn't wearing the skirt - neglected the thighs and hips a bit, note to self, fix that on my next pass.


Heejin Park said...

ahhh she is lovely!!! also i cant wait for the boy's one too! XD

margerine said...

lol i understand how you feel about the scanner thing
i have a scanner at least but it is the slowest thing ever
and not that good quality
usually i just take pictures because it's faster

but about your work
i like where you're going with this~
and i especially like that pen and ink style you have in the first one. it's lovely. and nice characters too! i'm looking forward to seeing more.