Saturday, July 17, 2010

more adventures with alfredo


margerine said...

jasmin!! i miss you~
i like your work recently. cool ideas!

jasmine said...

WOW I want a print of these! Hope summer has been exciting/amusing/gloriously scandalous, ha! :D
Hope to see you in person....someday

Heejin Park said...

omg they are beautiful and adorable!! more and more adventures with alfredooo<3

jasmin lai said...

thanks guys! margo i miss you so much too. but OH GUESS WHAT, I CAN GO WITH YOU GUYS! i'll tell you more somewhere else haha :D heejin.. you better come too!!
jasmine, i hope you're doing well in india! i saw your pictures, india looks beautiful .__.

margerine said...

ahhhhhhhh YAY YAY YAY :D :D :D
ohhh i'm super excited XDDD