Friday, June 18, 2010

arne quinze: CHAOS

inspired by the amazing installation artist, Arne Quinze. I love his ideas about chaos! I wish I could see his work in person - and I really think he has an elegant way of portraying his view of chaos, sort of like seeing frozen energy in the blink of an eye.

anyway, TOY STORY 3 is OUT!!! TIME TO WATCH!


tiffany ford said...


jasmin lai said...

ahh thanks tiffany! ^^

Heejin said...

I love itttt beautiful color scheme as well<3

jasmin lai said...

thanks heejin!!!

margerine said...

ahhh like like like! so awesome! : D

jasmin lai said...

THANKS MARGO! i miss you :(

margerine said...

ah jasmin i miss you too~~ ;__;
but your work recently looks really good
i've been busy studying japanese recently so i don't have much time to draw
but at least when i live with riyoko next year we can talk in our own language... lol XD
and i can watch anime with michelle without subs. or maybe not. i still need subs after all.
ahhh i can't wait to go back to school XD